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This website provides some basic information about  MEGA an empirically based, state of the art tool for assessing the risk level for coarse sexual improprieties, and/or sexually abusive behavior of youth, males and females, ages 4-19 years and youth with low intellectual functioning. The website also serves as a source for information about the one day required specialized trainings needed for administering and implementing MEGA

MEGA specialized trainings are for those professionals (licensed and non-licensed) who assess, treat and/or supervise sexually abusive youth.

MEGA is a resourceful risk assessment tool with the following innovative features:


  • Provides a comprehensive individualized risk assessment reports for males and females, ages 4-19 years.

  • Applicable to youth with low intellectual functioning. Provides initial baseline risk level and protective factors for future comparative analysis. Demonstrated prognostic utility; it has predictive validity.
  • Simultaneously assesses risk level, and protective factors for sexually abusive behaviors. Able to do comparative analysis; measures changes in risk levels and protective factors over time (i.e., every 6 months).
  • Validation studies published in various peer reviewed journals including Journal of Family Violence, Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment, and Trauma, Journal of Child and Adolescent Trauma, and Journal of Mental Health Research in Intellectual Disabilities.  


The MEGAvalidation and cross-validation studies are the largest studies in the field, tested on combined international sample of over 2200 adjudicated and non-adjudicated, sexually abusive youth, ages 4-19, males and females and youth with low intellectual functioning. The MEGA research include youth from the United States, Canada, England, and Scotland.


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